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     宁津县群星机械75秒速时时彩官网建于1998年系省轻工厅定点厂:是多家省市机械进出口公司.省机械设备进出口公司及其它地区外贸单位的制订拉丝机械成套出口基地, 本公司的产品远销全国各地,深受广大用户欢迎。

Group Star Machinary Company Ltd.of Ningjin Province 
  Our company ,which was set up in 1988,is the appointed factory of province light industry bureau, is the Import and Export Company of province machinery equipment and the production base of complete sets of bull block machinery necessary for the foreign trade orders of other areas. The products of our company, which are well praised by extensive customers, are sold all over the country.
There are many technicianl power. We introduce the foreign advanced technology, specialize in producing series of nail making machine, wire drawing machine, PC control pneumatic nail making equipment. We have the reasonable structure product, excellent performance, advanced craftwork and the quality of products reaches the international advanced level. These prodcts are used to draw the low ,mid and high carbbon wirvet nail, straight nail, double cap nail, U nail, horizontal line nail, pneumatic gun nail(also named code nail, straighta-l, line nail or midge nail) .They are necessary in the many industries including steel wire rope, electrical wire, nail making, building decoration, etc.
      li ZhongJun general manager of our company,welcomes new and old customers to visit us for business consultation.

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